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Burundi - School canteen programme in Muyinga

Project leader

World Food Program Burundi 

Location Muyinga, Burundi
Dates 01/01/2015 31/12/2017
Intervention Area Education & child protection
Funding 270 000,00 €
Organisation internationale WFP


Burundi’s hunger index rating is ranked as extremely alarming (>30): the country has the highest Global Hunger Index (GHI) score in the world at 35.6. The country has registered a recurring and constantly growing food shortage since the 2000s. The 2014 Comprehensive Food Security and Vulnerability Analysis showed that Muyinga Province had the highest level of chronic malnutrition in the country (59%).

In collaboration with the Government of Burundi, the World Food Programme (WFP) is seeking to turn school meals into a tool to help promote school attendance among vulnerable groups. A widespread school meals programme provides an opportunity to attract children into schools and feed them by implementing or expanding school canteen projects in food insecurity areas.

Moreover, when it comes to provisions, the WFP purchases supplies locally, stimulating agricultural production and increasing revenue for small farmers.

Project owner 

World Food Program Burundi 


  • Provincial Department of Education, Local departments of Education, committees responsible for school canteens at the school level
  • Technical service providers: small producers’ cooperatives ODEDIM
  • School canteen management committees play a significant role in programme implementation


To improve food security and the nutritional status of the population of Muyinga


Direct beneficiaries:
45,221 pupils educated in 58 schools in Muyinga Province; 983 pupils will be at the preschool level.

Indirect beneficiaries:
Members of producer cooperatives in Muyinga.

Anticipated outcomes

  • The production and revenue of small farmers will be increased through local procurement for school canteens and supplies to the enriched corn flour production plant
  • Access to education and the development of children’s abilities in Muyinga Province schools will be improved