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Between 2018 and 2020, Monaco’s ODA has reached 58.3 million €. For 2022-2024, it will increase to 74 M€.

The Office of International Cooperation manage close to 90% of that amount and focus on a limited number of countries and areas of intervention which will have a high impact on the standard of living of people in developing countries. The Monegasque Cooperation finances 150 projects each year.

4 themes:


  • Fight against women, children and adolescents' mortality
  • Fight against communicable and non-communicable diseases
  • Capacity building of health actors

Food security & nutrition

  • Fight against malnutrition, especially among women and children 
  • Strengthening of family farming and sustainable sectors

Education & child protection

  • Inclusive and quality education for the most vulnerable children
  •  Protection and well-being of the most disadvantaged children and young people

Access to decent work

  • Employability and vocational training
  • Entrepreneurship and local economic development

3 geographical areas, 11 partner countries:

  • West Africa: Burkina Faso, Mali, Niger, Senegal
  • East and Southern Africa: South Africa, Burundi, Madagascar
  • North Africa and the Mediterranean: Lebanon, Morocco, Mauritania, Tunisia