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Nariindu 2 - Setting up a sustainable dairy industry in Niger

Project leader


Location Niamey
Dates 01/01/2017 31/12/2019
Intervention Area Access to decent work
Funding 210 000,00 €


In comparison with other West African capitals, Niamey has a dynamic dairy processing sector as a result of high local consumption. This strong demand from urban consumers for local dairy products is therefore an opportunity to develop a leading industry within the region, particularly since this is part of the 3N (Nigériens Nourrissent les Nigériens - Nigeriens Feeding Nigeriens) national programme.

While significant, demand for dairy products in Niamey remains, however, essentially met by imports of powdered milk.

The Nariindu 2 project is a follow-up to successful collaboration between two milk collection centres (Hamdallaye and Kollo) and the SOLANI dairy, supported by IRAM and its partners, in order to enable better organisation along all parts of the chain, from production through to marketing.

The project is built on two strategic pillars of international cooperation: local economic development and food security.

Project owner

Institute for research and application of development methods (IRAM) 

Overall objective

To sustainably develop the dairy sector in Niger based on the innovative strategies of the dairy industry in Niamey.


Direct beneficiaries :

  • The two existing collection centres (Hamdallaye and Kollo) and the two new centres in Birni N’Gaouré and Ouallam
  • 2,000 families of producers, producers who are members of cooperatives, including women, and non-member producers (around 12.000 families)
  • Around a hundred collectors in the four collection centres, mostly young people, as well as collectors’ organisations
  • The SOLANI industrial dairy


Indirect beneficiaries

Urban consumers.

Specific objectives

  • Improve services for producers and ensure sales of their milk to collection centres
  • Strengthen multifunctional collection centres, which are reliable, long-standing stakeholders in the dairy industry in the area surrounding Niamey
  • Strengthen the partnership between multifunctional collection centres and the SOLANI dairy in order to develop a range of "100% local" products
  • To support the dairy industry in the area surrounding Niamey to take advantage of increased public and private support