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Senegal - Access to services and structuring of dairy farmers in the departments of Dagana and Podor - Phase 2

Project leader


Location Dagana, Sénégal
Dates 01/12/2015 30/11/2019
Intervention Area Access to decent work
Funding 400 000,00 €


The Department of International Cooperation has supported the "Laiterie Du Berger" (LDB) dairy since 2010. The initial aim was to offer ways to improve the production and collection of raw milk in Senegal. 

The project is being undertaken in the Departments of Dagana and Podor in the Saint Louis region, where dairy farming is one of the most important economic sectors and constitutes the main and sometimes the only source of income for herder families. 

For the past 8 years, the "Laiterie Du Berger"  has been collecting milk in these areas and this collection has led to changes in the way the herd is managed, as previously cowherds tended to keep the dairy cows in the collection area throughout the year. 

The sale of milk makes it possible to cover an average of 25% of food requirements (25 to 50% of income), which is a major benefit in an area where food insecurity affects 55% of households. 

Therefore, the aim of the second phase of this project is to ensure that the changes initiated between 2013 and 2015 (Phase 1) are sustainable with regard to the production practices of herder families, milk collection and co-ordination between those involved. 

Project owner

Research and Technological Exchange Group (GRET)

Overall Objective

Sustainably increase the food and nutritional security and income of herder families by improving the production and supply chain of the Laiterie Du Berger's milk.


Direct beneficiaries:
650 to 700 pastoral and agro-pastoral family farms in the Laiterie Du Berger's collection area at the start of the project; the aim is to reach 1,000 families at the end of 3 years. 

Indirect beneficiaries:
3,900 indirect beneficiaries at the start of the project and 6,000 at the end of the project.  


  • 25 Local Service Centres (LSPs) deliver at least 2 services to 1,000 herder families
  • 100 pilot cattle-breeding schemes provide 50% of the collection of milk in the dry season
  • 1,000 people (men and women) benefit from basic training courses in the 25 LSPs (including literacy)
  • 12 independent collectors provide the service
  • The economic models of the collection are capitalised upon and disseminated and make it possible for private collectors to be included
  • The innovation platform implements a strategic 3-year plan, which is updated each year
  • A cattle-breeding development plan in the Department of Dagana is being developed through the framework of multi-stakeholder coordination

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