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Monegasque ISOs - Call for projects

The call for projects is aimed at Monegasque International Solidarity Organisations (ISO) seeking co-funding for one or more projects benefitting a country eligible for Official Development Assistance.

Call for projects 2024

OSI can submit projects for one, two or three years.

The closing date receipt to submit a file is December 15 2023

Oral presentations of projets will take place between February 5-9, 2024.

Who can submit a project ?

To take part in a call for projects, ISOs must be accredited by the Prince’s Government.

Only ISOs which do not have an agreement with the Prince’s Government for the current year may make a submission in response to the call for projects.

Which project?

Priority will be given to projects which fall within the scope of the Department of International Cooperation’s development aid policy.

The Department of International Cooperation’s contribution is limited to 80% of the total project cost.

The co-funding shares are as follows:

  • Up to €50,000 per year for a priority country of Monaco’s international development policy 
  • Up to €20,000 per year for another country eligible for Official Developement Assistance

How to submit a project?

You can download the submission form and attachments below:

For requests over 10.000€ per year:


For requests below 10.000€ per year:


Applications should be sent by email to projet-osi@gouv.mc  and post to

Direction de la Coopération Internationale 
2, rue de la Lüjerneta 
98 000 Monaco


Examination and selection

Every application received undergoes an initial review by the Department of International Cooperation:

  • Validated applications will then be subject to an oral presentation by the ISO to representatives of the Department of International Cooperation
  • Projects are considered on the basis of the application and the oral presentation
  • The Department of International Cooperation will inform applicants of the results of the call for projects (approval or rejection)

Project monitoring

You will find below the documents that should be completed for your implementation reports: